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If you're looking for an easy-going Spanish city where historic sights abound, massive tourism isn't a problem and sunshine is a guarantee, then the lively university city of Murcia may be just what you have in mind.

Much of the Old Town has been pedestrianized, which makes exploring the centuries-old streets a true delight. Here you'll discover Murcia's 14th century Gothic cathedral, its numerous Baroque churches, its resplendent 19th century casino and a seemingly infinite conglomeration of bars and restaurants chock-full of atmosphere.

Many of Murcia's sights date back to the 1700's, when wealth yielded from the city's prosperous silk and agricultural industries led to the construction of dazzling churches, majestic noble palaces and - on the outskirts of town - the absolutely magnificent Jerónimos Monastery.

There is still evidence in Murcia of the Moorish culture credited with the founding of the city, which was at the time named Madina Mursiya. Visible from practically everywhere in Murcia is the dramatic 11th-century Monteagudo Castle, which was constructed under the rule of Ibn Mardanish. Strategically perched upon a rocky precipice, it was used by the Moors until Alfonso X conquered the city in 1243. It would then become a prime border castle in clashes between rivalling Christian kingdoms Castilla and León until the unifying 15th century wedding of Fernando (of Aragón) and Isabel (of Castilla).

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Spanish Courses in Murcia

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