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While it may not be a powerhouse of sights like other northern Spanish cities such as Bilbao, Santiago de Compostela or even neighboring Oviedo, what Gijón lacks in major sights it gains in atmosphere.

With beautiful parks, a polished up old quarter - Cimadevilla-, great beaches, a fantastic array of eating and drinking locales and just enough museums, historic buildings and cultural centers to quench your cultural thirst without throwing you into a tourism frenzy, Gijón is an undeniably fantastic place to engage in the simple pleasures of "hanging out".

What's more, Gijón has made a name for itself on the national culture radar, thanks to a constant program of arts and music festivals as well as to the city's emergence as a popular stop on international concert circuits.

Want to learn more about the atmospheric city of Gijón? Have a look at our info-packed Gijón Guide.

Study Spanish in Gijón

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