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One of the main sights Cuenca is generally known for are the hanging houses that are blended into the landscape, it will captivate you with its truely unique form of 14th century architecture that is a bold move to say the least. Cuenca is split up into two main sections simply as the old and new, each with their own unique character. Another interesting sight is the religious monument of the Cathedral of Cuenca, it only adds to the unique personality of the city. It's fusion of architecture is primarily gothic though contrasts on the main façade as it was reconstructed in the early 20th century, the interior has an impressive collection of El Greco paintings seen especially over the altar..

Though like many if you believe that a vacation is about rest and relaxation then you will be fully catered for as you can head down to the nearby area of Beteta. It's home to the famous Solan de Cabres Spa that have the top of the range facilities that will tailor to your needs, so sit back and spoil yourself! Back in central Cuenca you should check out the Plaza Mayor which has a lovely selection of bars and restaurants to top yourself up with energy whilst exploring the town though if your looking for an alternative to your normal sights then head up towards the Ciudad Encantada which has a number of interestingly shaped rocks and boulders with names like 'The Mushroom'.
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Spanish School in Cuenca

At this time there isn't a school for Enforex in Cuenca but in the mean time take a look at the link below and see all the great destinations that you can learn Spanish all around Spain and Latin America. Whats stopping you, check out one of the great language schools today!

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