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If you're heading towards Cuenca you can expect to steer away from the norm of cosmo lifestyle in a relaxed and interesting trip into the alternative. Cuenca offers a range of sights to check out including the hanging houses (las casas colgadas) which seem to be integrated into the cliffs they are leaning from, they originate from the 14th century and rival the cave homes also known to Spain for the prize of the most adventurous build.

The Plaza Mayor is a grand spectacle that homes the cathedral with its strange mix of architecture creating a gothic piece overflowing with originality, its design on the main façade has been a topic of conversation but be your own judge as it will still intrigue you whilst admiring its detail. Once in the plaza you will find yourself in the depths of the social life of the locals with scores of bars and quaint restaurants ready to cater to your requirements allowing you to kick back and admire the scenery going on around you.

At the restaurant having worked up an appetite from all the sight seeing will want to know the local dishes that are essential to try, heres a couple of ideas of what you can order, the resolí liquor (coffee, cinnamon and orange peel) alongside complimenting the los pellizcos which are a small biscuit which is an excellent choice. Cuenca is generally renowned for their skills preparing meats such as lamb and use them in a variety of ways to keep your tastebuds guessing a great example would be the morteruelo which is a combination of liver, rabbit and partridge.
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Spanish Courses in Cuenca

Although we don't have a school in Cuenca we do have several scattered all around Spain and Latin America that are just waiting to guide you on the way to learning the lifelong skill of Spanish! So don't be shy, check out the links below and see what takes your fancy with all of our destinations and courses available, there will be something perfect for you.

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