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The Andalucían city of Córdoba is one of Spain's most beloved destinations, and it's not hard to see the appeal of this UNESCO World Heritage Site. A hodgepodge of attractions spanning the centuries and civilizations of Córdoba's past are dispersed throughout the city, providing it with a fascinating interplay of unique architectural styles and decoration.

Following stints as a capital under both the Roman and Muslim empires, Córdoba - long a hub of politics, philosophy, culture and art - has effortlessly become a modern city that fully embraces and celebrates its past. Its sprawling Mezquita (Mosque) with its sea of columns and famously red and white striped arches, forms the city's centerpiece. Fanning out around it is the labyrinth of winding streets, potted flowers, whitewashed house and intimate nooks comprising Córdoba's Judería; once the city's Jewish quarter, it's easily the most picturesque part of Córdoba.

For more about Córdoba's top attractions, festivals and other key information, take a look at our Córdoba Guide.

Study Spanish in Córdoba

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