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Once the capital of the Umayyad Caliphate, Córdoba represents Spain's long-ruling Muslim Empire at the peak of its power and splendor. This is perhaps best seen in the sprawling Mezquita, or Mosque, parts of which date back as far as the 8th century. Known for its sea of thousands of columns, its candy cane-striped arches and its sumptuously decorated Mihrab, the Mezquita is a true historical and architecture marvel. What makes it even more interesting is that as you amble around the complex, you'll eventually stumble upon the full cathedral that was rather symbolically plopped right in the middle when the Christian Reconquest overtook the Muslim stronghold.

Most of Córdoba's other sights are dispersed throughout the adjacent historic quarter, a picturesque maze of winding allies, whitewashed houses and Córdoba's famous patios. Along with a handful of interesting museums, a fortress-palace with stunning gardens, Arabic baths and Córdoba's synagoge, which was one of only three in Spain to survive the Spanish Inquisition.

Come visit Córdoba and you'll immediately understand why UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site. Want more information about Córdoba? Have a look at our Córdoba Guide

Spanish Courses in Córdoba

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