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Located in western Spain in the autonomous community of Extremadura, the largely undiscovered city of Cáceres - whose name derives from the Arab word alcázares, or "fortified citadel" - hardly makes a blip on the international tourism radar. However, this medieval city is a veritable treasure chest of architectural and historical goodies just waiting to be discovered.

Founded as the Roman colony of Norba Caesarina in the 1st century BC, Cáceres has seen a number of cultures settle within its city limits over the past 2,000+ years. After the Roman Empire fell and the settlement entered into decline, Cáceres came under Visigoth rule, which was in turn followed by five centuries of Moorish occupation. This all ended in the 13th century, when the Moors fell to the pressures and military force of the Christian Reconquest following years of ideological and territorial turmoil.

The Old Town, which spreads out from the spacious Plaza Mayor, is a tangle of narrow, winding streets that are almost entirely enclosed within its original 12th century defensive walls. The mix of architecture found here is a perfect reflection of the city's multicultural past, ranging from gateways dating back to the Romans and towers constructed by the Moors - there are 30 still standing! - to Renaissance convents, sprawling noble palaces and picturesque Jewish neighborhoods. What's more is that Cáceres' historic quarter has hardly been changed over the past centuries and looks much as it did in the 15th and 16th centuries, therefore allowing us to explore a fascinating medieval world and imagine life as it was centuries and centuries ago.

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Study Spanish in Cáceres

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