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One of just six cities to be declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites in their entirety, Cáceres is a medieval wonderland of centuries-old churches, city walls, old Jewish neighborhoods, defensive towers and noble palaces. Largely off the international tourism radar, the smallish city of Cáceres is an urban gem in which you can discover the remains of the Roman Empire, the Islamic occupation, the Golden Age of Spain's Jewish culture and traces of the city's past as a focal point of the ideological, religious and territorial showdowns between the Moors and the Christians.

Founded by Romans around the year 25 BC, Cáceres went on to be home to Visigoths and Moors before the famously ambitious Christian Reconquest stepped in and took control. The once-mighty Islamic Empire that dominated Spain for hundreds of years occupied Cáceres for roughly five centuries, a time period that bestowed the city with formidable defensive walls, its compact city layout, dozens of towers - 30 of which remain standing today - and the city's name, derived from alcázares, the Arab word for "fortified citadel".

Cáceres' immaculately preserved Old Town has been left largely unchanged since the 15th and 16th centuries and has succumbed to few - if any - signs of modernity. So, if you're looking for a taste of medieval Spain, then Cáceres will not disappoint!

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