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If you're looking to step back in time, then the centuries-old urban splendor of Cáceres will not disappoint. One of only a handful of Spanish cities to be declared UNESCO World Heritage Cities, Cáceres was founded in the 1st century BC by the Romans and went on to become a focal point of the religious and territorial clashes between Moors and Christians.

The city's blend of Roman, Islamic, Gothic and Renaissance buildings is largely enclosed within the city's ancient city walls and composes a cityscape almost entirely unaffected by modernity. In fact, Cáceres is so well-preserved and unchanged since the 15th and 16th centuries that the city has been used several times as a film set.

Starting in the emblematic Plaza Mayor, enter the medieval realm of the Old Quarter via the Arco de la Estrella. Once in Cáceres' tangle of ancient streets, you'll discover centuries-old churches, cathedrals, noble palaces and an impressive 30 towers dating back to Cáceres' Muslim-occupied period, which lasted from the 8th through the 13th centuries. In fact, Cáceres' name dates back to this time, as it was derived from the Arab word alcázares, meaning "fortified citadel".

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