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Seeing the modern, vibrant city that Bilbao is today, you'd never guess that just a short time ago it was a relatively unknown, gritty city trying to tear itself away from its traditional industry-based past.

Fast forward to a couple of decades, a handful of ambitious projects and a total revamping of its image later, Bilbao has become one of Spain's most popular destinations. Between modern buildings like the Guggenheim Museum, a jam-packed cultural calendar, lovely architecture that spans the centuries, an alluring Casco Antiguo (Old Quarter), delicious Basque cuisine and a nightlife scene that just does't quit, there's no shortage of things to do, see and experience in Bilbao. Spanish courses in Bilbao will provide you with the perfect opportunity to experience this one of a kind city.

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Spanish Courses in Bilbao

While neither we nor our affiliates currently have Spanish courses in Bilbao, you can take a look at our extensive list of schools in Spain and Latin America by clicking on the link below. Who knows, maybe something will catch your eye!

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