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Whatever your reason for getting away you are certain to find yourself asking where the time has gone as you are checking out all that La Coruña has to offer! It is home to a rich history with deep religious ties which has some important artificats held within and some of the best beaches and promenades that you can spend those hours working on that tan you've always wanted or perhaps turn a few pages in a book of your favourite author in a picture perfect surrounding.

Now lets check out the religious side of things, you will be allured by the interesting history of the churches found in the area, there are three churchs worth mentioning now and should be checked out on your travels, each with their own story to tell. The first is Iglesia de Santiago which has a claim to fame due to its Saint James Statue located within its walls, next is Iglesia de Santa Maria del Campo and the third and youngest of the three is Iglesia Santo Domingo.

The promenade is a good place to get the best of both worlds, it stretches along the coast and is home to some amazing scenery though it also leads you in the right direction for a good mid point to all the attractions around the area so you won't be far away from an interesting sight when your on the pathway and what better way to spend that downtime between stops, a real winner!

Finally its a sight that has to be mentioned one of the oldest sights in A Coruña and it really makes you think the Romans had some good builders in their day. The tower of hercules originates from the 2nd century and is an impressive structure that can also be seen in the coat of arms for the town.
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Study Spanish in A Coruña

If you would like to get a head start on learning a valuable skill then a language would be a great idea and you have the opportunity to do so in one of our many Enforex Language schools around Spain and Latin America. Though at present we don't have one in A Coruña we do in other locations that have just as much exciting and energetic activities for you to do and things to explore whilst learning in a productive environment. Be sure to take a look and find out more!

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