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If your packing the bags ready to go or just a idea for your next holiday a trip to La Coruña is the choice for a brillant time. There is a lot for you to do dependent on your tastes and here at Enforex you can read all about what is offered and what there is to look foward to. First on the list, one of the most notable sights, this monument isn't going anywhere as its been around since the second century and has shown no intention of moving, The Tower of Hercules is a tower with a profound character originating from the Roman period it will have you snapping away to ensure that picture perfect moment, looking especially impressive at sunset.

You cant be blamed if all the photography and hiking around gets you tired so where else better to recoup but at the beach, here in La Coruña you have the choice of several first rate beaches just waiting to accomidate your tired legs and give you a chance to take a mintue to remind yourself of the days activities. If you don't fancy getting your feet wet then you have no worries as the population of La Coruña have this covered, a majority of the buildings towards the coast have glass protective barriers over their balconies. That would make some visitors think that the dreaded rainfall is a frequent visitor, not to worry its just to enjoy the view all year around especially through the colder winter. This is the reason La Coruña is refered to as the city of glass so be careful its fragile!
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Spanish School in A Coruña

We dont currently have a language school in A Coruña but we do have several all around Spain and Latin America in locations with tons of exciting and interesting activities to help you learn Spanish in a fun and productive way. If you like the sound of A Coruña you're sure to enjoy all of the other locations covered in the website. Be sure to check it out!

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