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It is known as the City of Glass because of the housing near the coast with a protective glass shell over the balcony, this is due to them being so close to the ocean. This can be noted prominently in seen in Avenue Marina. A Coruña is home to a wide array of places to check out to tire out your cameras and with some tranquil places to enjoy some rest and relaxation if you don't plan on wandering too far away with your duration here. There is certainly a booming increase in tourism which shows off its growing popularity so be sure not to miss out come check out what A Coruña has to offer!

Lets kick things off with the herritage of the city, if this sparks your interest then your best bet is to check out the older part of the town known simply as 'the city' though not the most creative of names it is home to several alluring locations that give this area a rich character. It is unquestionably a place that will engage your thirst for knowledge and doesn't lose the charming setting, a good example of this is the Gardens of San Carlos. The promenade of La Coruña is excellent location to take a stroll admiring the coastal view though it serves another more practical purpose of being a accesspoint to visit all the sights on your list making it a simple yet enjoyable place to visit.

Another significant point of interest will be quite ovbious when you arrive as it literally towers (excuse the pun) over its competition earning its space on your camera. Referring to the Tower of Hercules it is a building that originates from the Romans in the second century which is a testiment to its quality managing to stay strong over the many hundreds of years.
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Spanish courses in A Coruña

At this time there isn't an Enforex language school in A Coruña but not to worry you can learn Spanish at one of our first rate facilities all around Spain and Latin America. Be sure to check out the rest of the sight for more information how you can add the lifelong skill of a language to you list of talents in some impressive locations.

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