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A Coruña is located in the north west of Spain. Known for good reason as the glass city, its characteristic buildings have a glass-protected balcony on the coast. Also worth noting are the several places scattered around that are hot spot tourist destinations and great additions to complement your trip. If you're looking for a good example then look no further than the Tower of Hercules, a brilliant display of architecture dating back to Roman times. From the peak of the tower you can see most of the town and it really does captivate your eyes so be sure to have the camera ready. The increasing number of tourism is just one of many signs to La Coruña's potential. When you've visited all the hot spots on the map you will fancy a bit of a rest and where better than one of the several beautiful beaches that are scattered around.

There is also an older part to the town which over the years has hosted some important events. Some of the main points of interest in the city are the Gardens of San Carlos, the tombs of Sir John Moore and a few of the historical churches that reside in this town. The first on the list is the Iglesia de Santiago, which has a reputation due to its housing of a Saint James statue. The second is the Iglesia de Santa Maria del Campo and the third is the Iglesia de Santo Domingo, which is the youngest of the three. The Maria Pita Plaza is one of the main squares in La Coruña and is named after the honored Maria Pita, who played a significant role in a 16th century battle. It has been suggested that the plaza could be mistaken for a royal palace because of its grand design.
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Learning Spanish in A Coruña

Although we don't currently have a school in A Coruña, there are several schools all around Spain and Latin America that offer an exciting and rewarding time in locations buzzing with energy and things to really top off your visit to Spain. So why not add a language to your good times making your experience much more rewarding.

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