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Madrid opens its own 'Walk of Fame'

On June 27th a typically Spanish walk of fame will be opened in Madrid, with the most representative stars of our films

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Even if we have never been there, we all know “the walk of fame”. Yes, that place where we can walk on stars with the names of the main Hollywood actors and directors.

Now, why can’t we have one in Spain? Especially when we have film directors that have triumphed in the so-called Mecca of the film world.

If you have ever though about this, fellow cinephiles, you should know that on June 27th a typically Spanish walk of fame will be opened in Madrid, with the most representative stars of our films such as Alejandro Amenábar, Pedro Almodóvar, Penélope Cruz, Antonio Banderas or Carmen Sevilla.

If you want to take a walk in it you will find it in called Martín de los Heros, very near a square called “Plaza de los Cubos” (Cubes Square). This street has been chosen for it’s proximity to the “Golem” and “Renoir” cinemas, and also to the bookstore “8 ½”, that specializes in cinematography, a referent site for Spanish film lovers.

This location does not lack polemic: there are people who consider it would have been much better to place the stars in Gran Vía, par excellence the place where many of the big premieres have taken place for a very long time, it is also a much more busy avenue and where many more tourists transit.

Leaving arguments aside, the initiative has grown: as of today we can see 25 stars, and of course it’s not discarded that the number may grow. In fact a large part of the media are asking their readers and listeners to propose name for future stars to be honoured.

So will this walk of fame become a tourist attraction as famous as the one in the U.S? Time will tell, but we hope it will. We would like nothing more than to find one day the name of one of our students among the greatest Spanish speaking film directors.

P.S. We remind you the address of the walk of fame: Calle Martín de los Heros, near number 14.

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