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Happy birthday, Rafa Nadal!

One of the greatest sportsman in Spain turns 25: the tennis player Rafa Nadal. Here's a list of curiosities of our favorite tennis player

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One of the greatest sportsman in Spain turn 25: the tennis player Rafa Nadal.

During the day you will probable hear about or read his biography. It’s also possible that a TV channel will enumerate his long list of titles. But, what is behind the man? Here’s a list of curiosities of our favorite tennis player.

Nadal’s star sign is Gemini. Of those born under its influence it is said that they are tenacious, perseverant and methodical. They love challenges and above all, it’s about those people that grow when faced with difficulties. There’s no doubt that Rafa is an exemplary Gemini.

- You all know he’s the ex football player Miguel Angel Nadal’s nephew. Perhaps this is the reason why Nadal’s second favourite sport is football. On the third place, he likes Formula 1 best.

-  In regards to movies, his favorite film is “Gladiator” (for sure he’s remembered some of its scenes in one of his matches) and his favorite actors are Anthony Hopkins and Catherine Zeta- Jones, actress that lives in Mallorca. (Has he ever asked for her autograph?)

-   What type of music does Rafa like? Those singers and bands that have mellow songs as well as more cheerful music, his favourites are Bryan Adams and the Mexican band  Maná.

-   Due to his bravery, Spanish nationality and physical appearance Nadal has often been compared to a bull: but the truth is his favorite animal is the leopard, which is silent, tenacious and skilled.

-   Imagine that one day you have to invite him to a drink. Take note: he’s happy with a simple Coke and he loves fish (mothers, now you know what to tell your children when they refuse to eat it!).

-   So, what are his hobbies? As the quiet boy he is, he loves fishing and golf, though he never refuses a PlayStation game.

-   Like many other sportsman, he has some rituals when it comes to playing. His are never to walk across the lines when he goes into the court, never drink from the same bottle of water in the changeovers and bouncing the ball against the racket before his serves.

-  We say that Rafa is among the Stars…and you don’t know how true this is. In 2003 the Astronomic Observatory of Marbella named an asteroid after him, 128036 Rafaelnadal.

As you can see, he’s a down to earth boy and the fact that he hasn’t changed after so much success makes him even greater.

For this and many other reasons we say:


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