Quito Accommodations - Ecuador
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Accommodations in Quito

When you sign up for a Spanish course in Quito, you can take advantage of the unique opportunity to stay either with an Ecuadorian host family or in a shared apartment.

Accomodations in Quito

The vast majority of homes are located on average 7 minutes from the school, in the residential area of "La Carolina." La Carolina's main attraction is its park, a popular weekend spot for playing soccer or volleyball, skateboarding, having a picnic, or visiting the botanical gardens or dinosaur museum.

When you opt to live in a shared apartment, you will have the chance to meet local and international students. Here, you'll enjoy a greater degree of independence and cook your own meals. If you'd like to discover new cultures and faces from around the world, making friends in a mixed environment, then this is your best bet! Apartments are located on maximum 15 minutes walking from the school.

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