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On this interesting cultural activity, you'll enjoy a guided visit to a part of central Valencia that's home to three of Valencia's top attractions: the Mercado Central (Central Market), the Lonja (Silk Exchange) and the Baños del Almirante (Admiral's Baths). Continue reading to learn more about each of these Valencia sights, then sign up at the school reception to come along!

Mercado Central / Central Market

Valencia's immense Mercado Central is an early 20th-century indoor market built in the Catalan Moderniste style. Its construction combines metal, glass, columns and domes and provides a truly spectacular setting for the hive of activity within. Here you can find all sorts of fresh products, ranging from seafood and meats to cheeses, vegetables, herbs and fruit.

La Lonja / Silk Exchange

Just across the street from the Mercado Central is another Valencia attraction with a commercial character: La Lonja. Built in the late 15th century, this spectacular building is considered one of Europe's best examples of Gothic civil architecture, and in 1996 UNESCO rightfully declared it a World Heritage Site. With battlements, defensive-looking walls, towers and even gargoyles, La Lonja is decidedly medieval-castle-like in appearance and has four parts: the Room of Columns, the Tower, the Orange-Tree Patio and the Sea Consulate Room. The so-called Column Room is perhaps the most spectacular part of the Lonja edifice, thanks to its soaring vaults raised by a forest of slender, spiraling columns.

Baños del Almirante / Admiral's Baths

These Islamic-style baths, built in the 14th century, have been marvelously restored and preserved. They were built by Pere de Vilaresa in 1313, shortly after the Christian Spanish Reconquest took control of Valencia, though they were constructed using an Islamic model. Over a dozen such public bath complexes were constructed at the time, but only the Baños del Almirante have survived. A major restoration project went underway in the 1960's, which helped return the baths to their former glory.

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