Terra Mitica Theme Park
Students' Corner

Located in the nearby town of Benidorm, Terra Mítica is a popular amusement park themed around ancient Mediterranean history that is guaranteed to provide you with hours of adrenaline-pumping fun and thrills. As a student at our school, you and other students can sign up for this

The park is divided into five zones, each inspired by a different Mediterranean culture: Rome, Greece, Egypt, Iberia and the Islands. You can stroll along the port of Alexandria from the times of Cleopatra or you can attend the Olympic Games in Olympia. Along the way, roller coasters and other rides will have you climbing and plummeting, spinning around and going upside down on 360º loops. There are roller coasters, ferris wheels, bumper cars, haunted mazes, log flumes, drop towers, carousels, water rapids, flying chairs, kiddie rides and everything else that you can imagine in a top-rate theme park.

There's also plenty of shopping opportunities, dining options ranging from snack stands to fine-dining restaurants as well as all sorts of shows that take place in the open spaces of the park; in fact, dozens upon dozens of live shows are performed each day!

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