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Even people who know very little about Spain and Spanish culture are aware of certain Spanish cultural facets. Bullfighting, for example, is always associated with Spain, as is flamenco. Spanish tapas also fit into this group of world-famous Spanish "stuff", and for good reason!

What would become a phenomenon had rather practical beginnings, as bartenders would simply cover - or tapar - glasses of drink with a small saucer or piece of bread. Little by little, little bites to eat were added to the tapa every time a drink was ordered, which quickly pleased bar patrons and encouraged them to come back. Nowadays tapas can include anything from meatballs to olives, portions of tortilla, cheese and beyond.

"Ir de tapas" is a dynamic activity which consists of hopping from bar to bar sampling a little of everything, and as an Enforex student at our Spanish school, you can sign up to our tapas tour and do so with us! Fun and delicious, each tour brings you and your peers to a new neighborhood known for its wealth of tapas bars and plates of tasty treats. Just swing by the school to sign up!

Madrid Tapas Tour Neighborhoods

La Latina
The historic neighborhood of La Latina is known for its wealth of typical tavern-style bars dispersed throughout its old, winding streets. While the neighborhood is home to both restaurants and bars, the gastronomic scene definitely revolves around both typical and modern tapas here.

Plaza de España & Pintor Rosales
Along with being one of Madrid's most iconic plazas, the Plaza de España and its surroundings are home to all sorts of eateries specializing in tapas. Plus, it neighbors the university district and has all the establishments that come with the presence of the university crowd, particularly in the line of food!

Plaza Mayor
Quite possibly Madrid's most-photographed landmark, the emblematic Plaza Mayor is the heart and soul of the historic city center. Along with the numerous restaurants and tapas bars found right in the plaza, its many arched entrances lead to numerous historic streets packed with great tapas establishments. The area is known for traditional Spanish bars serving up traditional Spanish tapas, so grab a beer and enjoy!

Chueca - Madrid's vibrant and fashionable gay neighborhood - is a favorite tapas neighborhood for folks of all walks of life. Along with fashionable shops and a sophisticated attitude, in Chueca you'll find a host of chic of eating and drinking locales serving up a culinary fusion of traditional and modern dishes.

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