San Pio
Students' Corner

Considered one of Spain's most elite collections of fine art, the San Pio Museum of Fine Arts has an extensive collection of artwork spanning the ages. Come along on our school-organized museum visit and discover this beautiful, historic building and the treasures within; just swing by the school reception and sign up!

The museum is housed in a renovated Baroque building, which was built between 1683 and 1744 as a seminary for priests. The incredible building is best seen in its entirety from the other side of the Turia Riverbed Park, its grandiose blue dome and twin square towers dominating the buidings around it. The interior of the building, which consists of two parts - the seminary and the church - , complements the beautiful exterior with its Renaissance cloisters and luxurious cupola.

The elegance and timeless beauty of the building provides the perfect setting for the San Pio Museum's 2,000 paintings, sculptures and archaeological artifacts. The museum prize collection and principal reason for its fame is its extensive collection of Gothic painting, particularly Valencian painters from the 14th and 15th centuries like Osona the Elder, Osona the Younger, Jacomart and Reixart. However, it also has a fine collection of Renaissance, Baroque and contemporary art. Along with Valencian Gothic painters, you'll find such names as El Greco, Diego de Velázquez, Hieronymus Bosch, Bartolomé Esteban Murillo, Francisco de Goya, Pinturicchio, Joaquín Sorolla and Andrea del Sarto, amongst others.

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