Sagrada Familia Church
Students' Corner

As the sun goes down and lights illuminate the magnificent cityscape, Barcelona takes on a whole new look... one that's perfect for admiring and analyzing the city's most breathtaking and iconic attraction: the Sagrada Familia Church.

The Sagrada Familia church is largely considered the ultimate masterpiece of architect Antoni Gaudí, the most famous proponent of the Catalan Modernisme movement that revolutionized Barcelona. Designed with epic proportions and boasting decoration like no other, Gaudí dedicated the last few decades of his life almost exclusively to the project; in fact, he even set up camp and lived in a tent on the premises. When he died in a freak accident in 1926, his project wasn't even close to finished. In fact, it's still under constuction - as it has been for well over 100 years, to this very day.

The church's decoration and even its structure combines heavy Catholic symbolim with nature motifs, with creative imagination emanating from every corner. The building looks almost like it was molded from the earth and soars into the sky with eight soaring, spindle-shaped spires and three grand façades, two of which are currently complete.

Despite its unfinished and under construction state, the Sagrada Familia Church can be visited, its interior explored, its exterior photographed and its towers climbed. It's been one of Spain's top attractions for years, and it won't be hard for you to figure out why!

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