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Valencia's fascinating Museo Valenciano de la Ilustración y la Modernidad (Valencian Museum of Enlightenment and Modernity), referred to simply as MUVIM, follows the adventure of thought from the Middle Ages to Modernity.

With incredible exhibitions, the museum seeks to explain and help people to understand the ideas and concepts behind Spain's 18th-century Age of Enlightment. On this adventure, which comes in the form of a guided tour led by actors, you'll learn about how we came from the medieval rule of religious doctrine through the Renaissance and the Age of Enlightment to today's modernity.

Exhibits cover such things as life in medieval monasteries, the printing press, old telescopes and discoveries made about the universe, the sciences of contemporary timse, the French Revolution in Paris.

MUVIM reflects upon man's conquests in the fields of politics, health, economics and sociology. The museum also highlights people - from Valencia, from Spain and from elsewhere - who have encountered difficulties attaining said conquests.

Sign up at the school reception to come along on our school-organized visit to this truly one-of-a-kind museum!

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