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While archaeology itself sounds like it could be eye-opening and fascinating, archaeology museums have an unfortunate reputation amongst us normal folks for being big, dull buildings filled with uninspired displays of dusty old pots. Well, this award-winning archaeology museum (it was named European Museum of the Year in 2004) is a far cry from all of that!

At MARQ, you will immerse yourself in the various civilizations and time periods of Alicante's rich history, ranging from prehistoric times up through modern day. However, the museum has a unique and innovative approach to archaeology that is bound to keep you not only interested but even entertained!

Housed in the renovated buildings of the historic San Juan de Dios hospital, MARQ is divided into eight main galleries, each of which uses multimedia and differences in presentation to provide an element of surprise to the visitor. As an archaeological museum, MARQ naturally has a large collection of historical artifacts, but they are beautifully displayed and complemented by multimedia techniques, elaborate stagings, audiovisual projections, computer graphics and the latest in technology, all of which truly brings the past to life.

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