Fallas Museum
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Whether you're going to be in town for Las Fallas or not, a stay in Valencia is simply not complete until you learn all about its most famous festival. Internationally famous for its spectacular sculpted displays and the pyrotechnics that later engulf them, the Fallas festival very fittingly has its own museum. As a student at our Spanish school, you can sign up in the school reception to come along with us on our museum visit!

The Fallas Museum is dedicated to the history and celebration of this unique festival. You'll learn all about the evolution of the city-wide celebration as well as the creation and evolution of its characteristic ninots.

These ninots are satirical figures that are grouped together into massive fallas, elaborate structures of wood and papier-maché that can reach heights of up to 15 meters and cost thousands upon thousands of euros to create. Teams of artists, designers and architects slave away for months planning, designing and constructing these structures, each of which has a humorous theme having to do with events or people from the past year. With all the work and money that goes into them, it's hard to believe that the fallas erected throughout the city are set ablaze in what could quite possibly be the world's largest legal pyrotechnic display!

Each year, spectators vote and one ninot is saved from the flames, after which it is added to the collection at the Fallas Museum. The museum has been collecting ninots, posters, photographs, videos and other paraphernalia since 1934; you can see it all on our school-organized Fallas Museum visit!

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