Dali Museum Figueres
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One of our popular weekend trips is our full-day excursion that will introduce you to two fascinating places beyond the city limits of Barcelona: the Dalí Museum in Figueres and Girona. It's a long day packed with sightseeing and culture, so get a good night's rest and prepare to be wowed!

Tour of Girona

The first stop on this Saturday excursion is the enchanting medieval city of Girona with its winding city streets and impeccably-preserved Old Quarter. Settled since the time of the peninsula's early Iberian tribes, Girona has long been one of Catalunya's most important cities. Your city tour of the picturesque Old Quarter will read like a lesson on Spanish history: centuries-old city walls, a picturesque Jewish quarter, Greek and Roman ruins, Arab baths, a might Gothic cathedral... The list is endless!

Dalí Museum in Figueres

The small town of Figueres, which would otherwise go fairly unnoticed, is home to a big-time attraction: the Salvador Dalí Museum. While not located in a big city, the museum is one of Spain's most visited museums, trailing only Madrid's Prado, Bilbao's Guggenheim and perhaps one or two others. Along with massive amounts of Dalí's artwork and personal effects, the museum is actually part of the greater exhibition. It's a visually spectacular whirl of fantasy with imaginative shapes and undeniably cray decoration; it was meant to be this way, as Surrealist artist Dalí actually designed his own homage to himself.

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