Bioparc Valencia
Students' Corner

If you like nature and wildlife, then don't pass up the opportunity to come along on our school-organized visit to the Bioparc of Valencia! This unique zoo, located in the Turia Park, takes a new approach - which they refer to as "zoo immersion" - in which the visitors immerse themselves in the habitats of the animals and not the other way around, as is the case in conventional zoos.

The focus of the zoo is African wildlife, and the zoo's 100,000 square meters have the capacity for up to 4,000 creatures of 250 diverse species hailing from the savannas, equatorial Africa and the island of Madagascar. Here you'll find lions and hippos, elephants and meerkats, gorillas and zebras, crocodiles and giraffes, beautiful birds and creepy crawlers... the list is endless!

What's more, the vegetation and landscapes of each animal's habitat is recreated to be as authentic as possible, and even the barriers between the animals and the visitors are very discreet and veer away from bars and cages; instead, animals and visitors are separated by see-through glass or moats surrounding the habitats.

Sign up in the school reception and come along on our visit to this piece of Africa right here in Valencia.

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