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This year, 2014, our camps open their doors on the 30th June; we cannot wait until July: we are ready to receive all of our students. The Spanish classes are organized, the excursions prepared and our instructors are eager to start the new and exciting activities..If last summer was good, than this one will be even better!

In every single one of our destinations the students will experience a very enjoyable Spanish summer, which will make the Spanish lessons easier to learn and assimilate. And the best thing of all is that they will spend their free time with Spanish students! It can be said that they will be learning Spanish the whole time and in the best possible way.

All we have left to say is that we are very keen to teach Spanish and to have a great time in your company. For us, this is a priority, and not just a duty, but also as a way of enjoying summer! It will be an amazing few weeks, we can assure you. We can only say that we are eager to teach Spanish and have fun in your company. For us is the priority and not just a duty, as a way to enjoy the summer! Going to be an amazing week, I will assure you. Welcome to our camps!

By the way, and before we forget: if you haven’t already reserved your place in our camps, you can take advantage of our last offers. But hurry, we get started in no time at all!

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