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The driving force behind Spanish immersion programs is the incorporation of the Spanish language as an actual teaching tool, not simply a course subject. Instead of being about Spanish, lessons are taught in Spanish. Activities are done in Spanish. Questions are both asked and answered in Spanish. This is the key difference between normal Spanish classes and Spanish immersion classes: in an immersion class other languages simply do not exist.

At Enforex we highly encourage total language immersion and revel in the rapid progress achieved by our students. Our dedication to Spanish language immersion is precisely is why, instead of opening schools in the home countries of our students, we have dozens of Spanish schools throughout Spanish-speaking countries: Spain, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Costa Rica... the list goes on (see all destinations: Spanish Abroad).

Regardless of whether you are just starting out or are well on your way, your classroom experience will be entirely 100% in Spanish from the very first moment of the very first day of your Spanish immersion courses. You'll be amazed at the fast and vast improvements you make each and every day. Imagine your progress after a few weeks or even a few months!

We have numerous types of Spanish immersion courses available to you, but we have a variety of suggestions to help you find your ideal Spanish immersion program. Just click on the following link: Immersion Experience.

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