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If you want your Spanish level to skyrocket while really getting involved in the community around you, we hear your request!

    Volunteer Programs in Latin America

    Being able to go abroad to and take part in language immersion programs wonderful and eye-opening experience, but it's also a privilege and many of our students want to dedicate a portion of their time abroad to a greater cause. With this in mind, we have Volunteer Programs available at many of our schools throughout Latin America.
    This enlightening, rewarding program consists of, in most destinations, four weeks spent in an Intensive Spanish course followed by four weeks spent volunteering in nearby communities. You will undoubtedly walk away with a vastly improved level of Spanish but spending an entire month helping in the community and getting to know its people will additionally provide you with a deep and genuine understanding of the unique facets of the local society and culture. To consult which schools offer the Volunteer Program please consult the following page:

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