Spanish Fiestas
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Spanish Fiestas

Spain is chock-full of colorful pulse-racing festivals; think statue-burning, tomato-throwing, flamenco-dancing, bonfire-lighting and bull-running. Spain hosts a vast variety of festivals, which we believe are perfect opportunities to take what you learn in class to the streets. What better excuse to learn and play at the same time? At Enforex we encourage all students to join us as we organize special activities during Intensive Spanish Courses for an even better way to improve your Spanish as you experience the language from inside some of the world’s most special festivals

  • Carnaval, Tenerife. January 27- March 5, 2017

    Carnaval is celebrated throughout Spain, however Tenerife is known all over the world for its extravagant bacchanal. The city is transformed into a colorful blur full of parties, parades and feasts.

  • Fallas, Valencia. March 15 -19, 2017

    Valencia’s largest celebration culminates in fire as hundreds of complex cardboard and paper-maché muñecas falleras (giant structures) are burned around the city. The night sky is full of smoke, flashing lights and sounds of firecrackers, akin to a (wonderful) battle field.

  • Semana Santa, Malaga. April 9 -16, 2017

    The “Holy Week” is a 500-year-old tradition, full of religious and modern customs. Most notable are the curious nazarenos, people dressed in robes walking (some barefoot!) in the famous processions.

  • Feria de Sevilla Seville. May 2 -7, 2017

    This is one of Spain’s most famous festivals, conjuring picturesque streets graced by horses, men in top hats and women in long flowy flamenco dresses with giant red roses stuck on their head. Dance to the shouts of “olé!” over flamenco music until the sun comes up. Don’t worry, you’ll learn the steps quickly!

  • Feria de San Isidro, Madrid. May 12 -16, 2017

    Explore the capital city during its lively annual fair when street are full of Madrileños, who are outfitted in traditional handkerchiefs worn around the neck, brightly-patterned skirts and silk Manila shawls. Don’t miss a chance to see a bullfight or learn how to dance chotis (a type of partnered dance typical to Madrid).

  • Las Hogueras de San Juan, AlicanteJune 20 -24, 2017

    Hit the Mediterranean coast for a full week of bonfire celebrations. Dating back centuries to a pagan origin, the holiday lines up with the summer solstice. Originally the townspeople burned old furniture and trash, but now they create giant artistic sculptures from paper maché to set on fire for a more dramatic effect.

  • Feria Virgen de la Vega, Salamanca, September, 2017

    Salamanca’s biggest festival comes every fall in honor of the Virgen of the Meadow. What began as an agricultural and livestock fair, is now an inspiring event defined by its cuisine, nightlife, bullfights, concerts, street art and medieval market.

  • Christmas, BarcelonaDecember 25 -January 7, 2017

    During this time Spain is alive with fiestas throughout the entire country celebrating three main events: Navidad (Christmas), Nochevieja (New Year’s Eve) and Los Reyes Magos (Three King’s Day). These holidays are jam-packed with fun traditions – like devouring lucky 12 grapes at midnight – local treats, songs, Christmas markets and celebrations. Any festival is an excuse to party, get to know locals and improve your Spanish. Come celebrate with us!

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