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Our schools in the Dominican Republic will make you feel as though you are on vacation rather than taking your lessons at school. You will not only be captivated by the people of this country and their way of life, its culture and its beautiful landscapes, but at the same time you will be subconsciously progressing with your Spanish and learning very quickly indeed. A combination of the fascinating people you will meet as well as our personalized classes will soon develop your linguistic skills to allow you to master the Spanish language. This means that you will progress much quicker than you might have thought possible, which will help you to get exactly the learning that you need! What is more, you can start whenever you would like to, as our courses run year round for the most part – so you can choose a start and end date which fits your schedule, rather than having to fit in with set term or semester dates as you might have to with other schools.

If you come to learn with Enforex in the Dominican Republic, then we guarantee that you will not regret it. With the help of our highly qualified teachers, every day will be a new experience in a place where you will learn Spanish and enjoy a fascinating trip! There is much to be seen in this interesting country, from fantastic and beautiful natural life and white sandy beaches through to the people of the cities and towns that you might study in, who are fascinating in many ways. You can talk with them when you are sampling traditional food in one of the local restaurants or when you are shopping for souvenirs in one of the shops along the way, and you can also experience popular music and dance when you go out at night with friends from your course. There is a lot to be experienced here, and you can enjoy it all in full when you are a student in the country!

The two different Enforex Spanish schools which you can study at in the Dominican Republic are located in Santo Domingo, the country's capital, and Sosua. The excellent location in the university district makes it easy for our international students to make native Dominican friends and practice Spanish outside the classroom, so you will not only settle in quickly but also be able to get out and explore whenever you would like to. Beyond that, we also make sure that both of our schools have the right mix of charm and modernity, so that you have all of the facilities and amenities which you might need close at hand. This will ensure that your stay is a comfortable one as well as an interesting one – and of course you will have your choice of accommodation options in order to round it all out into a fantastic experience that is set up just right for you.

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