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Bolivia is a beautiful and underrated country, with many visitors each year coming away with a newfound respect for the region. Our Spanish school in Bolivia is located in the charming city of Sucre, where you will find many things to do and see to occupy your time.

The Enforex partner Spanish school in Bolivia is located in the colonial town of Sucre. It's a quaint academic center located just one block from the city's central square.

Sucre attracts a lot of students from Europe and the United States, so you will be in good company as you complete your course of Spanish lessons. The minimum age is 16, so young learners can find a place here, too. The cozy language center has a great atmosphere conducive to both learning and socializing. There is free internet access in the school, too, so you will not need to worry about keeping touch with everyone at home and letting them know how things are going – and making them jealous by showing off the spectacular photos you've taken.

The school is also well equipped with lots of other amenities, including a cafeteria, an entertainment room, a small rooftop terrace with views overlooking the city, colonial balconies, and a kitchen area for you to prepare your own food during the day if you wish. There are also two common rooms where you can hang out between classes. You will always be able to find other students to practice your language skills with and make plans for the evening if you wish.

Sucre is a great place to visit off the beaten track, so give it a try and gain some great new language skills at the same time.


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