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Learn Spanish in Salamanca with this special offer

The Spanish language is also called "Castilian", so you can imagine that the region of Castilla is proud to be the one where the purest Spanish is spoken. This is of course among the favorite destinations for our students: the picturesque, cultural and historic university city of Salamanca.

And it will be the favorite for another reason if you sign yourself up before this deadline: if you enroll before September 6th in a minimum 2 week course with Enforex in this wonderful city, you will come out with a 30% discount on student residence accommodation; half board and a room with a private bathroom.

So, this summer everything is in your favor to come to Salamanca and get to know the city inside out while learning Spanish in the place where it was first spoken. What a great opportunity at such an excellent price! In addition, due to the large number of students in the city you will find some really fun places to go. It’s not all work and no play!

You still have time to think about it, but don’t wait for too long as the places will go. We are waiting for you in Salamanca. Ah, and don’t forget to mention this offer to the person responsible for your tuition. You will feel right at home in this city!

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