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Study Spanish in Tamarindo

Learning Spanish in Playa Tamarindo is much more than just going to class; it’s about discovering something new every day and experiencing this unspoiled natural paradise.

In Playa Tamarindo, you can expect to see: tropical forests, beautiful beaches, mysterious mangrove swamps, and a wealth of natural treasures that illustrate just why this region is known as “la costa dorada de Costa Rica” (the gold coast of Costa Rica). There’s even a tree that can only be found in this province: the Guanacaste tree.

Playa Tamarindo also offers a tropical climate. With an average year round temperature of 27º, thousands of tourists visit the area each year in search of sun, warm waters and bright colors which are splashed over every corner.

Imagine learning Spanish here, practicing with the people, and enjoying a beach paradise. Your time in Tamarindo will be an unforgettable experience.

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