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During your trips around Spain or other Spanish speaking countries, do not hesitate to be brave and bold: something which you must not leave sitting in your suitcase for the whole journey is your Spanish vocabulary, especially once you have taken the time to go on a course and learn it. It is really important to get into practice with the words that you have learned and the phrases which will help you to make yourself understood, as the more that you use them the better you will be at using the language in general in real situations. Consequently, you will be able to ask something in an airport or in a train or bus station so that you can get around more easily… in addition to feeling more secure and less lost, it will give you the chance to travel freely without having to depend on help from another person who speaks the language better than you do. This is a real confidence booster for your language skills too!

Travel is an important part of life for many people, and it is something that they not only enjoy but very much desire to do on a large scale. It is easy to see why when you experience it for yourself: you get to see new things and have new experiences in a places that is exotic to you, as well as having time off from working or other responsibilities. Whether travel to you means a holiday in a five star resort or backpacking around to get to know the real character of a country, being able to communicate while you do it is absolutely essential. If you want to socialise with others, get help when you need it, or just generally be able to relax and do whatever you want to do while you are away, then having the necessary language skills in place before you set off can be absolutely key to making the experience an enjoyable one.

In this section which is dedicated to Spanish travel vocabulary, you will find two parts that we have put together for you to browse: one part is dedicated to the terms which you will use as a traveller such as modes of transport, accommodation and travel documentation; in the second part you will find the names for different countries and cities in Spanish, ideal for those of you who want to tell your Spanish friends something about your travels or for those of you who pass through Spain as a stopover point. These lists of words and phrases might be very useful to you in your time as a traveller, so make sure that you take the time to really focus on learning them if you want to be able to use them in real situations – and perhaps keep this page bookmarked so that you are able to come back to it whenever you want to check up on a vital piece of vocabulary which you may have missed or forgotten.

Spanish Vocabulary - Travel

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