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At the beach / En la playa

It is really amazing how the sun, sea and sand almost act like a human magnet when it comes to Spain, with every beach drawing in both tourists and locals alike to enjoy the weather and catch up on their tans on a regular basis, just to relax and have fun. If you are someone who is lured in by the golden sand of a beach or the white froth of the waves then there is definitely some vocabulary you should know to help you to get all of the enjoyment that you need without losing any of it in translation. After all, spending some time on the beach may be your principle way to spend time outside of lessons if you go to a coastal city for your Spanish language course, so you are going to be need to be able to chat to others while you are there – especially if there is something that you need to have some more fun or to ask for help.

Imagine being able to ask for a “deckchair” without any thought from an attendant, or to buy some “flip flops” at a local shop to avoid tracking around sandy feet, or to ask someone on the beach whether you can borrow some of their "sunscreen", or to join a team for a game of beach volleyball! Language barriers will no longer keep you from having the perfect day at the beach once you have studied the list below and learned some of the items that are on it! What is more, as soon as you get involved in conversation with some native speakers, you are sure to be able to learn more and more as they chat about all of the things that they see around them. Having some basic knowledge will allow you to start talking in the first place, and after that you might just be able to learn more and more thanks to your own experiences! You might even want to learn this list and then play a game when you arrive of seeing how many items you can tick off your list having seen them after you arrive.



Flip flops

Beach umbrella
Beach lounger

Go in the water
Beach volleyball
Scuba diving
Jet ski


La playa
La arena
El océano
El mar
Las olas

El / La socorrista

El bañador
El bikini
Las gafas de sol
Las chanclas

La toalla
La sombrilla
La tumbona
El protector solar

Tomar el sol
Hacer surf
El vóley playa / El voleibol de playa
El buceo
Las aletas
La moto acuática
El surf
La cometa

La concha
La estrella de mar
El pez
La medusa

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