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Learn Spanish while gaining cultural insight

People don’t come to Spain just to have fun, eat, and hang out in the sun. They also come to get to know the culture! There are a number of monuments, museums, and exhibits here that can help you learn Spanish.

First: have you ever considered picking up an audio-guide when you go to a museum? Why not choose the Spanish language one? You can also join a Spanish language guided tour and take notes. We must admit that we love listening to the comments that visitors make about paintings at museums, which range from the intellectual “es una obra maestra” (it’s a masterpiece) to the more straight forward “es una pasada” (it’s awesome).

Second: don’t be shy about picking up brochures about exhibits, one in your language and one in Spanish, to compare the information. Sometimes you’ll find literal translations.

Third: Have you ever thought of getting a book in Spanish about your destination’s attractions. The descriptions are usually pretty short, which makes them ideal for tourists crunched for time, and for language students too!

Fourth: The next time you get together with Spanish friends, why not do something different? Going out for drinks is great, but you can also have memorable conversations in Spanish discussing divine and human mysteries while examining an inspiring painting.

The goal here is to learn new vocabulary and expressions…and to have fun exploring Spanish art!

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