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Get the most out of your DELE

Surely you are thinking about earning a DELE certificate: it is the only official qualification of Spanish and getting it can be very important to your academic studies and even help you in the world of business because many institutions and companies recognize the immense value of this diploma.

But what exam should you take? Remember: the A1 certifies that you understand everyday expressions, A2 certifies that you understand expressions related to areas of expertise, B1 certifies that you react adequately in everyday situations; B2 certifies that you manage in circumstances that do not require specialized use of Spanish; C1 certifies that you know how to manage in Spanish, without any problems, even in colloquial contexts; and C2 certifies that you don’t have any problem expressing yourself in very advanced cultural contexts using Spanish.

Perhaps this classification seems a bit confusing: but do not worry: if you contact us we will be able to help you take the exam that suits you best. And if you want to, you can sign up for our DELE preparation courses! Remember this: getting your Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language with us can be very easy!

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