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News: Live the Erasmus experience with Enforex

To be "an Erasmus" in a foreign country is more than an academic experience: it is a life experience. Learning to fend for oneself, learning about another culture, meeting people from other places and (yes, we are admitting it) having a good time with them. And to do it, (we´re not going to deny it), you must go to the host country with some prior preparation to help you understand the language.

For this reason, if you have considered going to Spain as an Erasmus student, we are offering you a preparatory course in which you can learn how to fend for yourself in our country. Think about it: in this way, you will enjoy your trip much more from Day One.

Our course consists of 20 hours of classes each week over a 2 week period. In addition,we are including accommodation and the enrollment fee in this offer. For only 575 euros we will prepare you in some of Spain´s most important university towns: Barcelona, Granada, Madrid and Valencia.

Thanks to this course, you will begin your Erasmus stay in Spain with the advantage of having already gotten a good feel of "the lay of the land", which will give you greater confidence when it is time to participate in class and fill out paperwork and the experience will even help you to discover the best places in the city to have fun.

Need to think about it a little longer? Not a problem: this promotion will be available until 15th October. Also, if you would like to find out more, please feel free to contact us. We will help you with all your needs.

Take advantage of this offer and prepare yourself for the experience of a lifetime with us!

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