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Where to Live in Spain and Why

Spain is one of the best places to live, not only in Europe, but worldwide. But there are so many different areas with such different cultures, customs and even climates that sometimes it can be hard to choose just the right place.

Mallorca, a beautiful island
Considered the best place to live in the world in 2015, Mallorcahas everything you need if you’re looking for paradise on earth. The climate is usually milder and cooler than on the Iberian Peninsula, the island is big enough for a tourist not to feel trapped, and the accommodations and entertainment available are perfect for all beach lovers.

Valencia, cosmopolitan and urban
Those looking for a little more land, but who don’t want to let the beach go by the wayside, should look to Valencia. The city is one of the most beautiful on the Mediterranean coast and its many maritime villages are visited by thousands of tourists every year. It also stands out as a beautiful city because of its amazing architecture, an example of which can be found in The City of Arts and Sciences (La Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias). This city is, without a doubt, the best combination of beach and city.

Seville, still something special
Even though tourism in Seville has fallen in recent years, it continues to be a special city when compared to any other place in Spain. People from Seville have a special “sevillian sense” in their souls when it comes to both humor and music, making it the perfect city for anyone looking to stay active every day of the year.

Madrid, the incomparable capital
Nobody is ever disappointed with Madrid. It is a city that is so full of history, architecture and secrets to discover, that even though it is a bit expensive when it comes to the cost of living, it surprises even the people from there almost every day. Furthermore, it is the economic capital of the country, making it the best place to start a business.

Asturias, eternally green
Asturias is a great place for anyone who wants to stay in contact with nature. There’s no other place in all of Spain with so many never ending mountains and meadows. Its coast is also perfect for windsurfing and other similar water sports, making it the perfect place for those who love both ocean waves and hiking.

Barcelona, multicultural and individual
Barcelona is a curious combination of being very individual in its essence, and at the same time being made up of many different cultures, both because of emigration and because of the people who are originally from there. It is the easiest place to adapt cultures and tastes, regardless of where you’re from. As with Madrid, it’s not exactly cheap, but the variety of culture that it has to offer makes for a life full of stories worth remembering.

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