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Top Tourist Destinations in Spain

Every year the top tourist destinations in Spain are chosen by the thousands of users of a well known travel network, the most important one when it comes to user opinions about destinations around the world. In this article, we’ll go over the top tourist destinations chosen this year, to see if they really deserve this title.

The Ciudad Condal, as Barcelona is sometimes called, is listed as the most interesting place for tourists in Spain this year. The truth is that this city offers the most diverse multicultural experiences in the whole country, and great possibilities even if you only have a couple of vacation days. From the beach to the mountains, from the city that seems like it never sleeps to the entertainment available for all tastes, it’s impossible for Barcelona not to please everyone.

La Oliva
The enclave La Oliva is an impressive place on the marvelous island of Fuerteventura (part of the Canary Islands). The best part about this destination, without a doubt, is the island’s beaches. The snorkeling is great for any enthusiast, and those looking for other water sports can also enjoy great surfing with incredible waves almost every day of the year.

The third destination, which is much more urban, but no less relaxed for it, is Seville. The Andalusian capital continues to attract tourists with its popular festivals, mythic sevillanas and a temperature that starts to be agreeable at sunset. Seville has always been one of the best liked destinations by tourists from around the world and today, it continues to offer unique corners, hidden gems and unequaled architectural beauty.

Spain’s capital city has always been listed among the best tourist destinations for vacations, and not for nothing. Iconic, historical and full of surprises around every corner, Madrid is fascinating for any kind of tourist. The Museo del Prado, Retiro Park, the Puerta del Sol… As many days as you spend strolling down the city’s grand avenues or exploring its cobblestone corners, it will never be enough to experience all the beauty that this complex capital has to offer.   

This year, the fishing port Llanes, a beautiful Asturian location, has found itself among the top tourist destinations in Spain. This enchanting town is perfect for nature lovers and those who love the ocean, uniquely combining the two. With both its culture and gastronomy, Llanes will enchant all of its visitors.

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