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Spanish Dance

It truly takes a trip to Spain to grasp just how important Spanish dance is to this dynamic country’s culture. From time-honored traditional dances hailing from Spain’s numerous regions to the sensational gypsy-bred flamenco, Spanish dance is every bit as fascinating and diverse as the country itself. So while you are travelling, pencil a visit to a regional Spanish dance festival or to a flamenco tablao into your travel agenda- it’s the perfect opportunity to bask in this quintessential part of Spanish culture!

What's more, you can even learn to dance flamenco here in Spain with Enforex. Several of our schools are located in the heart of Spain's flamenco culture, and we take advantage of this by offering you a special Spanish + Flamenco program. Learn more about this unique course and where it's offered right here: Spanish + Flamenco

Spanish dancers in the street
Flamenco dancers

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