Spanish song: “Flamenco”
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Song of the month: “Flamenco” by Los Brincos

Los Brincos was one of Spain’s most famous music groups. The band was made up of four members and it was created in 1964. The record label Zafiro came up with the idea to bring the members together with the intention of founding a group in Spain that would be similar to the bands of other countries that had earned great success at the time. They took inspiration from the British beat and soon the group was being called “the Spanish Beatles”. The name even sounded kind of like the English band: The Beatles/Los brincos.

Los Brincos were an instant sensation in Spain. The blend of musical styles such as flamenco fused with influences from beyond Spanish borders and combined with four band members who attracted the public’s attention was a combination that helped every record they ever made reach number one on the list of best-selling albums in Spain.   

The song entitled Flamenco was one of their biggest hits and it was recorded in memory of an entire generation. It started getting air time on the radio in 1965 and it was one of the first songs they ever wrote. They first played it for their friends to get an idea of whether or not the musical style would work. They were worried that the mix of traditional Spanish music and pop rhythms would not appeal to fans. To their surprise, it became their most loved song and an instant classic.

The song is still celebrated today and many groups are inspired to perform their own versions of it at concerts. Later generations of young listeners have also identified with the simple but effective lyrics of the song, a song that often scores highly on lists that rank the best Spanish songs of all time. The song still retains its modern appeal, and it’s frankly a challenge to not start moving to the groove after hearing the first few bars. This was the biggest hit for the “Spanish Beatles”, a song that never goes out of style.

Si me preguntas a dónde voy
y si tú quieres saber quién soy
piensa que es fácil de adivinar
que yo soy yo,
oh oh, oh oh oh oh (bis)
Si te preocupa mi porvenir
no puedes dejar de pensar en mí
no lograrás hacerme cambiar:
soy como soy,
oh oh, oh oh oh oh (bis)
Piénsalo bien y decídete,
no tengo tiempo para perder,
pronto mi novia tú vas a ser,
lo digo yo ,
oh oh, oh oh oh oh (bis)
Nunca jamás te arrepentirás
porque si buscas felicidad
solo a mi lado la encontrarás
lo digo yo,
oh oh, oh oh oh oh. (bis)
If you ask me where I’m going
and if you want to know who I am
think that it’s easy to guess
that I’m me that I’m me
oh oh, oh oh oh oh
If you’re worried about my future
you can’t stop thinking about me
you won’t be able to change me
I am how I am
oh oh, oh oh oh oh
Think about it and make up your mind
I don’t have time to waste
soon you’ll be my girlfriend
That’s what I say
oh oh,oh oh oh oh
You’ll never regret it
because if you’re looking for happiness
you’ll only find it at my side
that’s what I say
oh oh,oh oh oh oh
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