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Low-budget leisure in Spain

Spain offers plenty of fun ways to spend your free time, unfortunately many require spending a lot of money too, and we’re quite aware that students aren’t always exactly rollin’ in cash.

There are however many economic and even free options in Spain.
Many museums here have a day or certain hours when admittance is free. All you have to do is look up when those days and times are on the museums’ websites (you can find that information in the rates and information section).

Other museums and exhibit halls are always free during opening hours. The best thing about these museums is that they usually display unusual exhibits. Just a couple of examples: the Fire Fighters’ Museum in Madrid and the Toy Museum in Valencia.

There are also many music venues that offer free concerts featuring new groups; you just have to pay for the food or drink that you order. Alright… you don’t have to order anything, but you don’t want to be too much of a sponger do you?

If you’re into movies, a nice and cheap option is to look for filmotecas(art house movie theaters) you can find in Spanish cities. Tickets normally just cost between 1 and 3 Euros. Don’t expect to see the latest Hollywood blockbuster: filmotecas specialize in classic or artistic film. But if you’re a real film fanatic, these places are a must for your agenda.

There are always ways to enjoy an evening on a budget. Don’t miss out or it’ll cost you!

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