Latin American Festivals
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The time for celebrations and parties in Latin America is during an abundance of incredible annual festivals which take place all over the various different countries with a large percentage of the population getting involved each year. As huge holidays which see everyone leaving work in order to watch parades or join in themselves, these festivals can take on various different forms and many last for several days with different types of displays and events taking place during them, which can include vibrant floats, such as the Carnaval in Brazil, and those with a deep history into the origins of Latin American culture, such as the celebration of the sun with Inti Raymi. So if you want to get involved in the dancing, singing and culinary delights that are thrown into the mix while you are studying in Latin America, then you will not want to skip this section. Take a look below and find out more about a few of the most interesting festivals that will be going on throughout the year.

Owing to the history of the region and the blending of different cultures which have inhabited the various areas of Latin America over centuries or even millennia, you will find that there are so many different things going on that all types of festivals in Latin America share just one thing in common: the authentic Latino joy and color. However, there are also some majorly different perspectives between them which make each festival so fascinating from so many points of view, and this is why for many visitors just seeing one is not enough. Having experienced one, they want to come back again or travel around in order to experience them all! If you have seen festivals in Spain then you have witnessed only a small gathering in comparison to what you are likely to find at these events: they are full of life and vibrancy, and they often go on all night long as revellers carry the party forward, knowing that they have no need to get up and go to work in the morning. Make sure that if you schedule a study trip during one of the main festivals in a certain country, you will have the time set aside after lessons or on the weekend to take part in the festivities – and you may even want to book a course that ends one week before the festival so that you can enjoy it with no other commitments.

It does not matter if it is a religious occasion, a ritual almost as ancient as the human race, a modern festival dedicated to wine or the Day of the Dead, you will love each one for the different charms and quirks which they display! Do you want to know more about them? If so, take a look at the handy information links which we have provided below in order to see the articles which we have gathered to allow you to learn about these huge and inspiring community events.

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