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Latin American cinema offers a huge array of talent from those before and behind the camera, who adapt their vision into several languages so that it can be shown to global audiences, and who also demonstrate that some of the best work in the cinematic industry is produced from this part of the world thanks to the raw passion and creativity that goes into creating it. If you want to get a taste of what is going on in the world of cinema here in current times, then make sure to check out the following sections of information that we have provided for you, where you can learn all about the talents that come together in Latin America to produce the final result that you can see up on the big screens. With some of the films that we have information about, you may well be able to find showings of them in your area, or alternatively you can watch some of them at the language school on one of the film nights that many of our locations run as an extra activity for students to take part in.

Latin American film as a genre is one of the most recognizable internationally and one of the most surprising out of all of the sectors of this industry around the world: every year a number of productions from Latin America become popular and critical successes that earn high praise at the most prestigious festivals, including the Cannes film festival and others like it. Indeed, films from Latin America have often been highly lauded in foreign film categories in ceremonies such as the Oscars, which are very highly respected around the world and which certainly make other audiences sit up and pay attention to the films being produced in some of the countries here.

What is the key to the success of Latin American films? Is it the diversity of its more specific genres that includes social drama and science fiction, and which are not as constrained to certain set formulas as they may be elsewhere in the world? Is it the film-makers, who are able to direct everything from low budget artistic works to full scale super productions, as well as everything in between? The secret is more likely to be a mixture of all of the elements which Latin American cinema provides, including the raw passion which goes into making the films and the authentic and moving stories which they follow, and attempting to define it is something that really requires a lot of thought. The following articles which we have gathered together for you to read shed some light on what is so appealing about these movies, and why many of them have managed to break out into a more mainstream audience rather than being reserved just for Latin American audiences – despite the fact that many of them are filmed in the Spanish language and require non speakers to watch them with subtitles of their own language.

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