Don Juan
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Don Juan

Don Juan is a fictional character portrayed in a number of ways including compositions, poems, films and stage performances. His first written appearance was in 1630 in a work by Spanish playwright Tirso de Molina.

He is usually portrayed as a womanizer, or one who partakes in the seduction of many women, who is generally unfazed by the damage caused by his ways. The story generally follows the idea that Don Juan meets a statue in a graveyard who represents the dead father of one of the women he seduced. He feels inclined to invite the statue to dinner and then the favour is returned. Upon arrival at the graveyard, the father asks for a hand shake and Don Juan obliges and is pulled into hell. As mentioned, Don Juan has appeared in several forms and in numerous forms of media, amongst them a Mozart composition, poetry by Lord Byron, the Pet Shop Boys' song 'Don Juan', theatre productions and more.

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