Cáseres, 2015 culinary capital
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Caseres, 2015 culinary capital

The Spanish Hospitality Federation and the Spanish Federation of Journalists and Travel Writers have announced that the city of Cáseres, Spain is the 2015 Culinary Capital. The decision to bestow the honor on Cáseres was made considering the millions of tourists who flock to the city attracted in part by Spanish cooking traditions.

Cáseres is in the community of Extremadura, a region with two major cooking traditions: one which is associated with rural communities and the other which is associated with the area’s monasteries.

A blend of the two traditions can be seen in a number of regional meals. Jamón tapado is made with ham, broth, sherry wine and eggs. Cáseres-style migas is made with bread, tocino, dry peppers, and garlic. Then there’s cochifrito, lamb, goat or pork that’s been marinated then cooked and fried. These recipes may be quite straight-forward, but they’re made with great care and fresh ingredients.

Extremadura cuisine stands out precisely for the quality of the region’s ingredients; some of the products produced here are of the highest quality in Spain. These include Pimentón de la Vera (a type of paprika made with red pepper powder), jamón (a cured ham made from pigs that have only been fed local acorns), and delicious and creamy cheeses such as torta del Casar and La Serena.

Cáseres offers a wide variety of culinary attractions, and the best part is that we have all of 2015 to try them.

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