Brunch in Spain
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Brunch in Spain

Brunch was never a part of Spain’s rich culinary customs until a few years ago. Given the country’s rigid work schedule and observance of tradition, in the past Spaniards did not have a midmorning meal. By the end of 2012 however, it began appearing as a dining option in some bars, restaurants, and hotels. Many Spaniards opted to “comer algo a media mañana” (have something to eat at mid-morning) as they say.

Brunch gives diners the chance to eat a not-too-heavy meal in the middle morning which can include sweet or savory items depending on each person’s preference. At first the idea was well received by many, although it’s also true that it was really only offered at upscale establishments in Spain’s largest cities.

That may be why by the end of 2014 people were already talking about the end of the short-lived brunch fad in Spain. Restaurants that offered the meal started only doing so a couple of days out of the week or only on the weekend.

Many observers are wondering why it didn’t catch on, although it may still be too early to tell. Eating routines don’t change so fast, and who knows, it could get more popular in the next few years. For the moment, some eateries have found a steady following of brunch-eating clients.

Brunch could end up getting assimilated in Spain but in a different way. It’s most popular on the weekend, when Spaniards get up late after staying out late at night.

The meal custom may establish itself as an exclusively weekend phenomenon.

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